Patient Stories

Brooke Daly - Patient Photo

Brooke Daly: Patient Story

It’s a situation that many Americans are in right now: you’re out of work due to COVID-19 and you have kids to take care of, but you just don’t have the money for your medications or for a well-visit. Plus, maybe you have an auto-immune disorder that keeps you from going out too much, maybe […]

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Patient Story - More than a Sparrow

Worth More Than a Sparrow

Belinda Hernandez considered herself just a regular Texan – she’d been born and raised in Dallas, has a brother in Arlington, has two daughters, a boyfriend, a mom, a dad, and attends the family’s massive 400+ person reunion every few years. But in 2010, Belinda started feeling sick. Over the course of several years, she […]

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Olivia - pediatric patient

Facing Her Fears

For some children, going in for a checkup can be a scary experience. Either the office smells funny, the doctor’s stethoscope is cold, and you really, really don’t want to get your shots. One pediatric patient, Olivia, had these same reservations when she first started seeing Joseph Hallock, one of HSNT’s Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. “Olivia […]

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Lisa's story - patient story

Closer to Care: Lisa’s Story

After 53 years of growing up in Lewisville, getting married, and raising a family, Lisa Anderson was moving away from the home she was so familiar with. A widow of 11 years, Lisa has been living with her daughter and son-in-law in Aubrey, unable to work due to a series of falls that have left […]

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A New World - Patient Story

A New World

Imagine for a moment that you just moved to a new country with your husband and your four children. Your new home is a one-bedroom apartment that you share with another family. Your children sleep on the floor in one corner and the other family’s children sleep in the other. You have no friends and […]

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Michelle: Patient Story

A Shoulder to Lean On: Michelle’s Story

They say good things come in threes, but sometimes the same can be said for bad things, too. Michelle Brown experienced this for herself in the late 2000s when she lost her job, which meant that she lost her health insurance coverage. After that, doctors discovered a mass growing on her pancreas, resulting in an […]

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James: Patient Story

Homecoming: James Knigge’s Story

Moving back to his home state of Texas was a difficult prospect for James Knigge. He’d been living in California since 1988, for so long that it had become essentially his second home. He met his husband, Glade, in Orange County in ’92. But his mother was ill, and he couldn’t just leave her alone. […]

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HSNT - Listening to our patients

Health Services of North Texas Listens to You

Tina Adams has a host of health problems: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, and endometriosis. Juggling all of that and raising six kids on her own would be tough on any woman, but for Tina, it put her in a depression that was hard to get out of. “I was going to the Christian […]

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Rachel Stewart - Denton, Texas

Coming Home

The Caribbean island of Grenada, nestled on the ocean just off the coast of Venezuela, is roughly 2,600 miles away from Denton. Traveling that sort of distance could give anyone the culture shock of a lifetime. Years ago, Racheal Stewart, a native of Grenada, made that trip. Yet despite the differences and difficulties she’s experienced […]

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Health Services of North Texas - Patient Story - Carla

Carla’s Story

To Carla Underhill, it felt like she was just having a little trouble getting a full breath of air. She had been tired all day and was too weak to walk, so she decided to spend the rest of it in bed. She had been to Health Services of North Texas’ Denton office and seen […]

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Setting the Example - Quest Washington

Setting the Example

Just two days after a sunny, summer-like Thursday, the skies were back to being cold and cloudy when Quest Washington shared his story with us in a meeting at the Café Brazil on West University Drive in Denton, Texas. He’s a young man, in his mid-twenties, and when he came into the café he was […]

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A Spark of Hope, Victoria's Story

A Spark of Hope

On the day before Valentine’s Day, Victoria Cayce was lying in bed, not sure if she would wake up the following morning. She had been dealing with lupus for the past 35 years, a disease that wracks her body with constant pain. She was in heart failure, suffering from an enlarged aorta that was rapidly […]

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Kimberly' Journey

Kimberly’s Journey

Beyond All Expectations – Kimberly’s Journey to HSNT Whenever Kimberly Rae-Flynn needs to go somewhere, she rides the bus. It’s a short distance from her ground-floor apartment to the bus stop, but after suffering from a stroke that left her mobility restricted, she uses a rolling walker to get around. Outside her door, there’s no […]

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We pride ourselves on making a difference in people’s lives every day. One patient said, “We had the good fortune to find
Health Services of North Texas… This doctor and his staff are exemplary in every respect!”

Patient Stories

If you have an experience that you would love to share, please share your story here.

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Michael’s Journey

Michael shares his story of being HIV positive, addicted to drugs and dealing with health and mental issues; he finally found the medical support he needed with Health Services of North Texas. With the help of the staff, Michael was able to get clean, find a job and help others with their sobriety. He is thankful for HSNT for helping him get his life back.

Sandi’s Story

Sandi was referred to Health Services of North Texas by one of her clients after suffering a heart attack. HSNT was able to give her the care that she needed including EKG’s and provided her with the necessary medications. Sandi continues to see the doctor every 3 to 4 months. The care that she receives has improved her quality of life.

Patient Comments 2018

    • They are all friendly. They listen and are so nice! Thank you!
    • Came in yesterday with a lot of back pain, ladies at the front desk did a lot to squeeze me in (would’ve been October before I could see a doc) and I am super grateful. My doctor is new to the area, but one of the best I have ever seen. Was very helpful, spent all the time needed to explain my options and path to treatment. Highly recommend this place, especially if affordable care is hard for you to find. Sliding scale worked really well with my income and lack of insurance. If there are any negative reviews, I do recommend going and experience for yourself. Thank you again to everyone up there!
    • I scheduled an appointment and Xiomara got me in the same day. She was very nice polite and informative. This is my first time trying this clinic and I
      will return because she gave outstanding customer service, great employee.
    • They are timely and organized. My toddlers don’t care for Dr. visits but Ms. Sarah and the staff handle things very well. Toys in the waiting area, books
      in the exam rooms, and happy people make this place perfect for our family.
    • I LOVE LOVE LOVE this clinic and their staff! Dr. Irene is awesome and so is Dr. Asis
    • “Homelessness is a disease. It’s a disease that no one talks about but everyone knows is there. It’s not something you can really see coming. It’s like you wake up one day at there’s nowhere to go, no one to turn to, no friends to be found. You have nothing but the clothes on your back and what little you can stuff into a backpack. Homelessness changes who you are, the way you see things, and even the way you think. It attacks your self-esteem and makes you do things you never knew you were capable of. It drains your will and robs you of hope. Safety and security became illusions. It’s the bottom of basic existence.While I was homeless I was lucky enough to have people to point me in the right direction. Erika at HSNT was invaluable to me. I followed her suggestion and got into the Salvation Army to wait for help with housing. I frequented Our Daily Break and got clothing from Vision Ministries. I was introduced to Giving Hope by Erika at HSNT. She set up an appointment for me and gave me all the information on how to contact them.I still make use of the food pantries in the area as well as the occasional trip to Our Daily Bread.I can’t say enough about what it means to have a home. To have a place to call your own, a place to feel safe and secure, is everything. It gives you some pride in yourself and opens up a world of possibilities. It was through Giving Hope that I met and married my wonderful husband Brax, who at the time, was facing homelessness himself. Together, with Giving Hope’s help, we are building a life and a family. It’s a future neither of us saw coming and there’s no way we could have done it alone.”
    • Today was my first visit and it was better than I could have imagined! I’ve been paying way more than I can afford at a practice in Frisco only to be treated rudely and constantly pushed to spend more money even though I was out of pocket. Everyone at HSNT was professional, kind, caring, and considerate of my costs. Wow! It’s nice to be treated with such respect. Thank you all!
    • Every time I go they attend me very well. Thank you so much.
    • Thanks for everything you do and for doing it with a smile.
    • Excellent staff, friendly and affordable. Highly recommend

Patient Survey Comments from October – December 2018

  • All of the staff were very courteous and friendly. Very professional. I definitely will refer someone if they need the service.
  • All the staff at this finality are beyond excellent very friendly and through with treating me. I give them 10 stars.
  • Chioma was great and wonderful and helped me very much through this process. She was extremely knowledgeable and helped me understand everything and was friendly.
  • Dr. Siegel is AMAZING! He has taken care of both my mother and I. Very professional & caring.
  • Everyone was so wonderful especially the front desk girls.
  • I have had some really crappy or indifferent medical care through Amerigroup. I was really impressed and pleased how thorough, competent and pleasant my care was today. Thank you so much.
  • Mr. Gelber was wonderful and made a great impression on me. I‚d love to continue seeing him.
  • This is the best please I or my children have received medical treatment at. The doctors and staff are absolutely amazing.
  • This was the best, most professional, helpful, and friendly health care experience I’ve had.
  • PNP Gibbons was great.
  • PNP Hallock was very helpful and answered all my concerns. He wants to make sure that everything is good and ask I can come back in a week, I really love the fact he cares for his patients.
  • Love Dr. Jackson, he is perfect for us!!
  • I’m so grateful for your office. Thanks for the work you do and care that you provide! It would be difficult to improve, she is
    excellent. I’ve never had an easier blood draw and Sono tech was amazing didn’t hurt at all.
  • Love Brittney!
  • I’m pleased with the new system of things now since I’ve last visited Plano center, looking forward to working with the providers.
  • Because of pap program I am able to work. Thank you for having this program.

Patient Survey Comments from July – September 2018

  • Will definitely recommend to friends and family.
  • Had a very pleasant experience, felt very comfortable and overall best bedside manner. I loved the staff. They were all very sweet and nice. Thank you for the big help you have provided to me.
  • PA Eddie was amazing.
  • Fantastic group of professionals.
  • I absolutely love having Dr. Jackson as our pediatrician.
  • Front office ladies were a great help!
  • The front desk staff was sweet and helped me with my paperwork.
  • The best well women’s exam I have had ever. I was comfortable the whole time.
  • PNP Hallock was great and took his time talking and establishing a great rapport for our first visit.
  • Sarah Gibbons is great.
  • Wonderful Doctor, courteous and wonderful patient doctor manner. Thank you.
  • I love love love everything and everyone here. I am more than pleased with my services. I would recommend this facility over any other I have ever dealt with. Thank you so much for everything you do here!
  • Ms Powell is the best. And I love the staff.
  • The medical staff was very courteous!
  • Love the office staff.
  • This place gives me hope.
  • I couldn’t do it without you case management. Erika is awesome and an outstanding care manager. She takes care of anything I’ve every needed.
  • I’m pleased with the new system of things now since I’ve last visited Plano center, looking forward to working with the providers.
  • As always I’m pleased with the service provided by all involved.
  • Samuel is absolutely wonderful. Every time I meet with him he makes me feel good about myself. He doesn’t treat me like, “next person in line please.” If the world had more caring compassionate people like Sam, we would all live happier lives. Please do not lose him. Thank you to the person who had the good in site to hire him.

Patient Survey Comments from April – June 2018

  • I was having an awful morning and running late but the lady at front helped me and I am very grateful for that.
  • Visit was great as always.
  • The front desk lady was a sweetheart and she was able to get me s same day appointment!
  • Excellent services. I feel like the Dr. really listens to all of our concerns.
  • Yesenia was great, she was very detailed with the setting up my next appt and the costs of the office visit and labs I was
    getting. She was wonderful!!
  • This is the best medical facility.
  • Staff is very professional – I had a great time
  • Wonderful beautiful staff that really care about my needs, thank you to all your staff.
  • Felt very welcomed and all around great experience.
  • I loved the fact that when I was checking out and I couldn’t pay all up front Rebecca was able to offer me options as to how to pay, as a single mom working part time I loved that I was taken care of she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and that I was in good hands.
  • Dr. Siegel is such a great Doctor and very sweet and cares about your needs, and the Front desk was so professional and courteous. Thank you Health Services staff.
  • Fantastic place. Clean and everyone is courteous.
  • It was such a great experience! I will advocate for you out in the community. I had no idea there were so many resources.
  • I managed an office for years and it was never or close to what I experienced today, I loved the staff here and doctor. Made me feel welcome and cared for.
  • Megan Ramos and Erick are great people.
  • I’m a 41 year old woman who enjoy my visit every time. PA Eddie is great caregiver he makes you feel important and cares for you. All smiles
  • Dr. Siegel, Erick and Hugo were a amazing.
  • Kristen Chou is awesome, she always answers all of my question, and explains the procedures step by step to me. She takes her time and is my favorite
  • Brittany was very helpful and very nice!
  • Christie is amazing!
  • Is been a great support attending here staff super nice solve my questions with out a problem 10 out 10
  • I love working with HSNT.
  • Always excellent service from Ms. Ericka.
  • Wow. Samuel is phenomenal. In 50 years of working with people from all across the globe and from all walks of life & no one has been so spot on. He is sharp, knowledgeable and most important, personable. Who ever hired him is golden. Just speaking with him has brought light back into a very dark day. Thank you.

Patient Survey Comments from January – March 2018

  • Dr. Jackson is the best! Very patient and detailed!
  • Dr. Jackson takes all the time in the world. He is very thorough and caring. I feel very confident he is his patients advocate.
  • Nurse is very kid friendly which is what I love most.
  • Thanks for all you guys do.
  • We love PNP Gibbons!
  • Everyone is kind and courteous. I feel better after each visit.
  • Excellent Services provided by Chioma.
  • Ms. Chioma Amadi was very helpful in filling out my application. I could have not done it with out her help.
  • Thank you. Laurie is awesome!
  • This place has the most kind and understanding staff.
  • You all have helped me heal. Thank you so very much.
  • Nurses were great!
  • Amazing staff!
  • Dr. Siegel is amazing
  • Dr. Siegel was awesome. Excellent patient care.
  • Edward is a great communicator, Very good at listening as well. Looking forward to the next visit-thank you!
  • Had a great visit, nurses and front office were great!
  • I am so impressed with the professionalism and care I received today. I was treated like everyone else even though I have a mental illness. Thank you so much!
  • I have been to many places, and no other family practice facility that has ran this smoothly or has been this nice! Thanks Y’all!
  • Thank you for the care and service. I don’t know what we would do without HSNT and Team Siegel!
  • I had a very nice and professional visit today. Everyone was pleasant and made me feel very relaxed. The provider Kristen was very nice and knowledgeable.
  • Everyone is great!
  • Just totally impressed by the professional and personal treatment.
  • They take good care of me.
  • Erika is my Case Manager .She helped me with my insurance today. Thank you.
  • Ms. Price was very helpful with getting me an appointment rescheduled.
  • Love the compassion of Ms. Julie.
  • The staff here is always great and helpful.

Patient Survey Comments from October – December 2017

  • The person who scheduled me went above and beyond to help me get in the same day. Leah was fantastic and very kind.
  • Wonderful experience. Great staff.
  • I feel like I am being taken serious and that means everything to feel like the doctor cares.
  • I am very thankful for the help today. Erick and Leah where most helpful, courteous and professional.
  • Nice service. I was able to be seen same day. Jennifer was out for the day but Leah was able to see me. I’m very thankful. Thank you Hugo and Mayra.
  • Thank you for being here.
  • Very helpful and appreciate Dr Jackson and his staff.
  • Always friendly and courteous.
  • Everyone at HSNT is awesome! I hope they get a big nice Christmas bonus! They deserve that and more!
  • Jennifer Nuspel was very professional, friendly, and helpful.
  • Everyone was great! Hugo, Angie, Crystal and Sarah were very helpful. They all had beautiful smiles and very funny personality. I will return to HSNT because of them. They deserve a big raise and a special bonus. Thank you for HSNT does for the community.
  • I am happy here. Doctors are nice and Cici is nice.
  • Chioma was very wonderful and the receptionist was awesome.
  • I’ve been interested in becoming a patient for some time but there was always a lengthy wait list. Pleasantly surprised to have been seen same day as I called. Will definitely be back. Thanks for providing this service.
  • Dr. Kristen is awesome. She’s very sweet.
  • Questions were answered accurately and professionally. Great! Awesome!
  • I loved it and affordable will recommend to anyone. Thanks
  • This is a fantastic facility. All of the staff are very friendly, professional and knowledgeable.
  • Doctor Parul was very informative and made sure I understood everything that was explained.
  • Love you his place! The doctor actually listens and includes me in creating a plan for me.
  • Very courteous, nice and professional! Answers all my questions and concerns. Always willing to help any way possible. Thanks so much for the great service that is received!
  • Always feel good after visits.
  • The service and staff here is excellent and I enjoy each experience.
  • Glad you are around to provide help.

Patient Survey Comments from July – September 2017

  • Amazing service as always.
  • I felt like I actually mattered to Leah Robinson. Her client care is impeccable.
  • Jennifer Nuspel is always extremely helpful and willing to listen and teach. She is a great asset to the community.
  • Leah Robinson was awesome. I’m most definitely coming back to see her. Crystal gave my son his shots. This was the first time he didn’t cry. I’m so thankful for HSNT.
  • The receptionist Marisol was amazing. Thanks Leah for all that you do! Miriam is a keeper.
  • Chioma was professional and outstanding and patient.
  • Dr. Moore you are great! If I do not get to see you again, “I hope you enjoy your retirement.”
  • Mayra and Hugo have been amazing! They are keepers
  • Azaira was great!
  • Very helpful office staff and doctor. We really appreciate the great service.
  • Irene is amazing. She is extremely caring and compassionate. she was also very patient. So grateful for her…
  • The receptionist and nurse practitioner who attended me were so welcoming and helpful, thank you!
  • Mary is a very insightful and supportive therapist.
  • Very appreciative of everyone here.
  • Fantastic!
  • A true blessing.
  • I Love the staff!
  • All the 3 team members Olga, Azaira and Deb were wonderful. My place to come now is here at Elm St. Thank you HSNT for your wonderful hospitality at Elm St.
  • Wonderful team!
  • Great staff. Love everyone.
  • Lalla was awesome! Very helpful!

Patient Survey Comments from April – June 2017

  • Great customer service! Front desk receptionist, Olga, was absolutely wonderful and would recommend to all families with kids!
  • Awesomeness!
  • Dr Jackson is the Best MD that we have seen in YEARS! Thank You Jesus for Dr Jackson!
  • Great staff, very friendly.
  • The sliding fee scale really, really helps me financially. I’m glad you are here.
  • Love the staff and Dr. Jennifer.
  • Viri was very helpfully, she was able to see us same day
  • Olga and Sarah are always very friendly.
  • Please open one of these clinics in Lewisville, TX. We need one very bad.
  • All staff were supportive and helpful – thank you!
  • Dr.Moore was super in explaining everything, TY
  • Great staff/providers, keep it up.
  • I have always had a great experience. I am very thankful for the clinic.
  • Melissa was so polite and helpful, Mayra was very nice and professional. Thank you so much Health Services. Lovely staff.
  • Thank You For All Of Your Help! Great Team.
  • The prescription assistance program save my life!
  • Hailey has been very accommodating and professional.
  • Always a great experience at DSC.
  • Everyone was friendly and fast! I was nervous but everyone made me feel very comfortable.
  • Irene is wonderful.
  • Lalla was awesome! Very helpful!
  • The staff at Collin County Medical Clinic has been exceptional with all my needs.
  • Really excited about my new doctor. She truly listens.
  • Everyone was professional and friendly at Elm Street Center.

Patient Survey Comments from January – March 2017

  • Awesome as always
  • Great office! Always friendly and helpful. They go above and beyond!
  • I always get treated and my financial needs met when I need them. They listen and care.
  • Very friendly and professional team.
  • The sliding fee scale really, really helps me financially. I’m glad you are here.
  • Thank you very kindly for your concern about my health as well as your kindness and support.
  • Kayla gives me life.
  • Erika is a great help!
  • Very professional and patient.
  • Dr. Epsinoza was wonderful, thorough, gentle, caring and knowledgeable!
  • Medical assistant Crystal was really professional and courteous as well as the receptionist Sonia and Laura.
  • Thank you all for an amazing experience and straightforward information. I’m so excited to continue my pregnancy with this clinic.
  • DSC is great! I have found my new family planning clinic and will be sending everyone I know here as well. I feel so well taken care of and everyone was so nice and informative.
  • Great group of ladies at Collin County Medical Center
  • You guys are the greatest. I would not be alive if not for all of you, especially Julie. Thank you!
  • Kayla is fantastic!

Patient Survey Comments from October – December 2016

  • Love Karishma Patel.
  • Very patient front desk workers. I was treated with respect and dignity. Dr. Jackson was very helpful and informative. I felt as if everyone really cared. Thanks for all you do.
  • Jennifer is the best doctor I’ve seen in 5 years. She is fabulous. I will follow her anywhere.
  • Great first visit.
  • Katie, Angie, Marisol, Olga and Mrs. Gibbons were all amazing and very accommodating! They were so kind and professional throughout our entire visit.
  • This was my first visit with Karishma Patel from m well women’s visit. I really enjoyed the time and care she provided me. I felt very comfortable in her presence.
  • Great people, great professional environment. Jennifer Nuspel is awesome. She really is on top of her stuff. Very practical help.
  • Dr. Moore is consistently kind and compassionate. He listens well and his genuine care is always evident. Thanks.
  • Erika and George are doing a great job working with me since Darlene left the insurance program. Thank you!!
  • Mrs. Washington is always helpful. She gives me hope.
  • Patty is excellent ans shows she genuinely cares!
  • Kamyon Conner was very helpful today.
  • Julie and Kayla are fantastic at Collin County Center!! They need a raise!
  • Very nice staff and willing to assist in whatever capacity which is greatly appreciated.

Patient Survey Comments from July – September 2016

  • Great service.
  • Love coming here!
  • Dr. Jackson always takes time to address all of our concerns.
  • The RN was great. Everyone was super patient.
  • We saw Nurse Practitioner Sarah Gibbons and she was great!
  • Sarah Gibbons is a very good doctor and explains everything very well and is excellent!!
  • Dr. Jackson was excellent!!
  • CiCie was wonderful. I got my medication within a week after doing the application. She is a blessing.
  • Love the lobby.
  • Since I have been on the prescription assistance program, Ms. Price has helped me become adherent to my medications and keeping my medical appointments. She really cares and shows and interest in my health. I think some of your medical staff can learn from her.
  • Mrs. Ivy was excellent, very courteous and very professional.
  • My visit was informative, easy, and pleasant. I especially loved how gentle the woman who took my blood was. It was pretty painless. The social worker was also very helpful.
  • Thanks for doing a great job. Everyone was nice and accommodating. Got in and out pretty quick.
  • Very impressed with the staff.

Patient Survey Comments from April – June 2016

  • Everyone here is very nice and professional.
  • Excellent care.
  • Great visit. Dr. Jackson makes Avery feel good about his treatment! And no shot today!!
  • We love Dr. Jackson and Jamie his nurse. They are always fantastic helpful and kind. Please never let them go.
  • I am very pleased with Jennifer today.
  • I like the new look of the area.
  • Jennifer is amazing and very professional while making each visit feel personal!
  • Love my doctor, Deb Ivy.
  • My nurse was awesome.
  • We love Dr. Jackson!
  • My PCP Dr. Debora Ivy is always very professional and I wouldn’t change her for another Dr. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the way she always takes care of me, she definitely makes the difference.
  • Our provider was excellent. She spent time getting to know us and our situation. She’s great!!
  • Service is excellent and the staff is very courteous. Thanks.
  • The staff was great, but our doctor was amazing!!
  • They were friendly and show they care.
  • Very happy with Jennifer!!
  • Everyone that I have seen has been awesome!!
  • Excellent service.
  • Great doctor. Listened to my concerns and answered all questions.
  • I love this facility and the staff!
  • I love this place.
  • I really appreciate the services HSNT provides. You have been a huge blessing to my family.
  • Thank you for providing the services you provide! I can’t afford health insurance. I didn’t have anywhere to turn until I found HSNT.
  • Wonderful doctor and staff.
  • Diana and the staff are wonderful.
  • Diana makes everyone laugh and feel loved. She gets me where I need to go. She is good.
  • Getting on the Prescription Assistance Program saved my life.
  • The case managers are great!
  • The Prescription Assistance Program is excellent. I don’t know what I would do without it.
  • Best doctor and receptionist/staff at Denton South Center that I have ever dealt with! So kind, caring and compassionate!
  • Irene at Denton South Center is awesome!!
  • Ms. Grantham at Denton South Center is amazing. She’s the reason that I continue to come back.

Patient Survey Comments from January – March 2016

  • The team treated me with respect and kindness.
  • Love coming here all the time. Feels like family!
  • Very thorough and kind Drs. and staff.
  • Very pleased with the services rendered.
  • Great place for families and excellent services!
  • Great staff and reception is always kind.
  • Beth was great.
  • Awesome staff, love them.
  • Tori is the best.
  • We love Karishma!
  • Lorie is friendly, personable and professional!
  • Thankful to have HSNT!
  • The staff at Health Services of North Texas are absolutely wonderful. I would not be alive today if it weren’t for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Jill, Julie, Bill, Dell and all the others are the BEST!
  • Always a great experience.
  • Very caring and knowledgeable staff.
  • I am a strong advocate for this clinic. Thanks.
  • I feel so much better after my appointments.
  • I am always welcome at the clinic. They are always nice and willing to help. I give them five stars.
  • The entire team is genuinely caring and makes us feel very comfortable and cared for.
  • The staff is very proficient in their work. They truly care about their patients.
  • Irene Huerta was very kind in allowing my family to hear my baby’s heartbeat
  • Awesome help. They did an amazing job with explaining and assisting me through the complicated process of the market place sign up.
  • The staff here is great. They have always been very nice to me. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
  • I love George and Darlene! They are great and easy to get a hold of when I need them.
  • I was very pleased with the help I received from Ms. Price getting assistance with my medications. I was not sure I would get help but she was able to get me approved. This is an excellent program you have.
  • Always so welcoming and greats you with a warm smile.
  • Ms. Davis is one the best Case Manager’s I’ve worked with in the long time. She cares about her patients and she is passionate about her profession. She is a professional and I think overall a great person to work with as well.
  • Giovanni is so very helpful and nice too. Thank you Giovanni for your professionalism.
  • The staff are beyond remarkable and should be commended. To date, I have not encountered a more professional and compassionate group of people. There are not enough words for me to say as to how much I appreciate them and hope the very best for each one of them throughout the rest of their lives. Their kindness, tears and diligent hard work says it all. There is no one above them. As the popular French phrase reads. CREME DE LA CREME.

Patient Survey Comments from November and December 2015

  • Excellent Service!
  • Love the Dr. I was very impressed. PA, nurse and check out were awesome. A little smile goes along way.
  • Dr. Jackson is always great and informative.
  • Caring professional staff. Easy access to care. Thank you!
  • Have already referred many people and co workers. The staff here are very good at their job and make you feel very welcomed.
  • Great group of people!
  • I wish I had found this place earlier. Thank you.
  • Stephanie was very nice, I felt very comfortable.
  • Like my PA. K Patel.
  • We love Laurie, she is wonderful.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • The very best treatment.
  • The staff is really nice.
  • They have been extremely helpful. I only wish I had found them sooner.

Clara’s Story
Many of our patients come to us with medical needs that require referrals to experts in the community.  For Clara, the relationship that Health Services of North Texas has with Texas Health Presbyterian Denton, provided the hip replacement surgery that she so desperately needed in order to live life to the fullest.  Clara has been a patient with Health Services of North Texas for more than 8 years.

Patient Message March 2015 from Patient Susan T.
HSNT has been the best medical office I have taken my family to.  They are thorough, friendly and caring.  Toni has been really attentive at helping me find insurance services and Medicaid for my daughter as well.  I referred someone a few days ago to come here also.

Patient Survey Comment from 2014

“After a 27 year relationship with our family doctor, our move to Texas necessitated trying to find a “good” doctor to put our trust in for our health care needs.

We had the good fortune to find Health Services of North Texas. From the very beginning the ease of getting an appointment, no waiting in the waiting room, cheery accomodating staff, all set the tone for an extremely positive first meeting with Dr. Felicitas. Dr. Felicitas was unhurried, attentive, showed concern, asked questions and made suggestions.  I felt as if my old comfortable, familiar relationship with my former doctor had been replaced with a similar, yet new, kind, knowledgeable man that I have no hesitation will build an ideal relationship with my family for all of our health concerns for years to come.  This Doctor and his staff are exemplary in every respect.

Many Thanks,
Peggy Schiele”