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Get to know our Primary Care Physicians,
Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners

dr-siegel2Jason Siegel, MD
Denton Medical Center 4304

Dr. Siegel is passionate about taking the time to educate his patients regarding their health, explaining what a diagnosis means and what’s happening inside their bodies.  His experience in both the hospital and community health settings have equipped him to care well for a diverse population.  “Health and wellness should be driven by the patient; our team will treat, educate, and support you every step of the way.”  You will find that Dr. Siegel is a kind and compassionate provider with a warm bedside manner.


Edward GelberEdward Gelber, PA
Physician Assistant
Denton Medical Center 4304

Edward Gelber, PA wants to work with his patients to help them get back to healthy through taking care of their body, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.  When visiting with Mr. Gelber he wants his patients to know this, “Be honest with me and we can work together to get you healthy.”


Megan RamosMegan Ramos, FNP 
Family Nurse Practitioner
Denton Medical Center 4304

Mrs. Ramos cares deeply about helping her patients achieve their goals and celebrating with them. She has a history of serving in a community health environment and recognizes the importance of coming up with a treatment plan that is achievable.  “It’s rewarding for me to help people who really need it.” What does she say to all of her patients?  “Drink more water!”  Mrs. Ramos’s patients report that she has a “warm and caring bedside manner and is easy to talk to.”


Dr Greg JacksonGreg Jackson, MD
Denton Medical Center 4310

“Look beyond the minute to minute and enjoy your child as a developing person with the awe and wonder that development brings with it.”


sarah-gibbonsSarah Gibbons, Pediatric NP-C
Denton Medical Center 4310

Sarah worked as a pediatric RN for many years. “I love healthcare and taking care of people, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. One of my hopes for my pediatric patients and their parents is that they will learn something new each time they come in to see me and that communication will be open.”

Caregivers: keep encouraging your child, the words you say to your child will always stay with them.


laurie-mottlLaurie Mottl, PA-C / Physician Assistant
Denton Medical Center 4308

“The most important thing is not to just treat the diagnosis, but treat the person as a whole. I want to know the entire story and treat from the inside out. I will be a medical provider that gives you my full attention.”


kayla-whitworthKayla Whitworth, LCSW
Denton Medical Center 4308

“I’m going to focus on what the patient is doing well and enhance strengths to combat what their struggles are.”

The goal of integrated behavioral health is to effect medical outcomes in a positive way by treating them holistically.


Irene Huerta Irene Huerta, RN, WHNP-BC 
Family Nurse Practitioner
Denton South Center

“My favorite part of women’s health is the prenatal care and helping first time moms know what to expect. I want to get to know and develop a relationship with my patients.”


kristen-chou Kristen Chou, DNP, FNP-BC 
Family Nurse Practitioner
Denton South Center

“It’s important to me to be a part of building and improving healthcare in the community and practice setting, using my experience and education to bring about positive, measurable change.”  Mrs. Chou wants her patients to be involved in and make their healthcare a priority, take ownership of it, ask questions and work with their medical team to reach goals.  Mrs. Chou often finds herself saying to her patients, “Drink more water, it’s the simplest thing we can do to improve our health and you’ll save money.”


Parul KaushikParul Kaushik, MD  
Collin County Center

Dr. Kaushik has a wide variety of experience and has worked with HIV patients in different parts of the country and overseas. She strongly advocates for patient education and empowering patients to lead healthier lives. She believes in treating the person holistically. Her favorite quote, “HIV is different from any other chronic illness only in that it can be very effectively managed, prevented, and there is a hope for its cure.”


plano wylie childrens medical clinic logo


Plano and Wylie Children’s Medical Clinic Providers





Kristen Kammerer, DO 
Plano Children’s Medical Clinic

Dr. Kammerer brings a wealth of experience in providing medical care and education to children and their families. She is passionate about delivering excellent medical care to all children and makes your child’s health her highest priority.


kellyKelly Garcia, Pediatric NP-C 
Plano Children’s Medical Clinic

“Helping people and using all of my experiences to create a valuable resource for patients is what drives me daily.”

Kelly has a background in social work and is passionate about helping children with asthma and sleep problems. Communication is key for Kelly, who speaks Spanish and takes the time to answer your questions and listen to your concerns.


joseph hallockJoseph Hallock, PNP
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Plano Children’s Medical Clinic

“I am here as a resource for the parents and caregivers, ask me questions, I want to support your family. I am passionate about informing parents, checking for comprehension and understanding.”

Joseph has a warm bed side manner that you and your children will appreciate.

dr-jo_borderJyotsna Kuppannagari, MD  (Dr. Jo)

Wylie Children’s Medical Clinic

“We don’t want to just take care of a single disease or sick visits, instead we want to be the child’s Medical Home and care for the child as a whole.” Dr. Jo often finds herself telling her patients to, “Eat healthy, avoid sodas, listen to your mom and go outside and play!”


angel kingAnjanette (Angel) Lloyd, PNP
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Wylie Children’s Medical Clinic

“My life experiences with my children have taught me so much, I have compassion and empathy. With six children of my own and  a grandchild, I understand where you are.”

Angel is passionate about educating both parents and children, treating the whole person, not just an illness. “I enjoy interacting with kids and want to make their visits as friendly and fun as possible, engaging the child with a sense of humor.”


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