Delivering Hope

delivering hopeWith the support of individuals like YOU, low-income women, children, and families have access to quality medical care. Moms need prenatal care to ensure the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Your support helps our neighbors obtain the medical care they need.

Your gift makes the following services possible during an office visit. Diagnostic tests are used routinely to monitor the health of the mother and baby. Prenatal care is expensive, especially for hourly wage employees who often do not have health insurance.


Diagnostic tests:
– Gestational diabetes or
– Urine analysis


Diagnostic tests:
– Complete blood cell count or
– Sickle cell screening or
– Urinary tract infection


Diagnostic tests:
– Thyroid – TSH count or
– Drug screening or
Office visit


Diagnostic tests:
– Rubella virus or
– Diabetes, anemia & infections or
– Sexually transmitted disease or
Office visit



Diagnostic tests:
– HIV or
– Hepatitis B or
– Blood serology or
Office visit
(per test or visit)



Do YOU want to help improve the health of women, children, and families in our community?

Thank You for your support. Every gift makes an impact!

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