A Healthy Weight Starts With Your Plate

A Healthy Weight Starts With Your Plate

When you start to tackle your goal of losing weight, you might think that exercise is all you need. Hitting the treadmill and lifting weights should do the trick, right? While exercise is essential to losing weight, the gym isn’t the only place you need to focus on – the kitchen is, as well.

Continuing our look into heart health this month, this week we’re focusing on a proper diet. Your heart takes care of your body by pumping blood throughout your system, carrying all the food, vitamins, and minerals that you eat to wherever your body needs it. It’s no surprise, then, that what you eat is important. For example, frequently eating foods that are high in cholesterol can lead to plaques in your arteries. Plaques form when cholesterol builds up and sticks to the walls of an artery and, in the worst cases, can sometimes break off and cause a heart attack.

About two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese, which raises the chance of developing heart disease. The reasons for this are complex, but part of it has to do with diet and portioning. So what can we do?

Along with regular exercise, we can change our eating habits. For example, we can try eating more fish, nuts, and seeds. These are high in Omega-3s, which support healthy blood pressure. We can also limit the amount of saturated and trans-fats that we eat by eating lean-cut meat and avoiding fatty meat. These are just some examples of a good diet, and while they might seem daunting at first, these habits will soon lead to a tastier and more fulfilling dinner plate – and a healthier heart.

A Healthy Weight Starts With Your Plate

Written by Parker Sams

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