Farmhouse Delivery

A Very Fresh Friday

The smell of fresh produce was in the air on Friday during our Together We Grow community event! Sponsored by Athena Health, Health Services of North Texas was joined by Farmhouse Delivery to hand out bags of free produce to patients at our Denton Medical Center. Green beans, broccoli, potatoes, and more were given to thirty-eight local families and individuals, providing them with healthy foods to supplement their meals.

Two patients of HSNT, Betty and Heather Phillips, were particularly happy to receive the produce, saying it showed how much HSNT cares for the community. “[Health Services of North Texas] has been super helpful to me. At one point my child was sick and we couldn’t get help for three days at our old doctor because we were just waiting and waiting, but we got the help we needed here.”

Sarah White, Brand Ambassador for Farmhouse, was excited to be in Denton promoting healthy eating. “Healthy foods mean simple, easy, clean ingredients,” said White. “It’s the earth’s gift to us to fuel our bodies! Eating healthy shouldn’t be difficult, and shouldn’t be expensive.”