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Families and individuals with limited incomes must make impossible choices every day. Parents, working multiple part-time jobs at minimum wage without health insurance, are challenged to decide between paying rent, buying groceries, repairing a car, or taking a sick child to the doctor. Frequently medical care is postponed until the issue escalates and becomes a costly medical crisis.

Without a public hospital in Collin or Denton County, people must often rely on hospital emergency rooms or urgent care centers for healthcare. They do not have a primary care provider – a medical home, like Health Services of North Texas.

Both Collin and Denton Counties are designated as “health professional shortage areas,” meaning the number of medical providers is insufficient to care for the size of the population and their medical needs. North Texas is growing like gangbusters! This is why Health Services of North Texas exists and why we are need now and as the community grows.

In 2017, Health Services of North Texas delivered more than $2 million of medical care to patients unable to pay their copay and lab test fees.Your gift will help people in need cover their basic fees to get in care and stay in care.

It’s easy to be a super hero. When you make a gift, you help connect people to care. AND, your donation is eligible for bonus funds.

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Your gift provides quality medical care for patients in need. You are making a difference in our North Texas community.  You are helping people to take charge of their health! Thank YOU!