Family Fun Health Night 2018

family fun health night 2018

We would like to thank everyone who came out to our Family Fun Health Night event. It was another successful night!

One of our guests had such a great time, he couldn’t wait to tell us about it.


Thank you to our Community Partners:

 Lone Star Indoor Sports Centertexas womens university  Cignahealthspring grace-like-rain smile-magicsummitdenton lions club    go-camp dcta gohlke

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Get to Know Kaylee Currie

get to know kaylee currieKaylee Currie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Since it is Mental Health Awareness Month, we asked Kaylee why mental health is significant to her. Kaylee believes “Mental health month is an important opportunity to highlight the variety of mental health needs and adversities. It encourages the celebration of existing services and provides for identification of continued areas of need. I enjoy serving the patients at HSNT through telehealth who have struggled with substance use as a result of other underlying mental health needs and situational concerns.”

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