National Nurses Week – Mari Bailey

national nurses week mari baileyFor National Nurses Week, we would like to introduce you to Mari Bailey.

Mari is the Clinical Nurse Manager and oversees the LVNs and the Medical Assistants at our Denton and Collin County locations.

Mari loves nursing because “I love the diversity in Nursing. Through each different path I have had the honor of working, I find that Nursing has provided me the opportunity to make a difference. I have been able to work as a simultaneous student and teacher which makes every day a challenge I am eager to meet.”

I asked Mari’s LVNs to talk about her as a nurse and boss. Here is what they had to say:

Mari has the drive to find access for our patients. The first question she always asks new reps is ‘how much does it cost for uninsured patients?’ She sees our population of patients and truly looks out for them. She is always looking for room to improve patient care and access.”

Mari goes above and beyond as our Clinical Nurse Manager. She involves the nursing staff on all levels, welcoming their input, and works with us to ensure excellence. She is always available when we need her. She acknowledges and incorporates any suggestions we may have. What makes a great leader is someone who informs staff of expectations, listens, and gives positive feedback. Mari encompasses all of that and more as our Clinical Nurse Manager.”

“Mari is a great person and nurse, very fair and funny, always there to assist whenever needed. She’s a great support system, counsels staff firmly, but fair. She’s on top of her game as far as management skills. She’s a very good boss to work for and I consider it a privilege.”