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Martin Mainja has the FUTURE health of our community in mind when he is thinking about the importance of increasing access to medical care for our community.

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Improve Your Dental Visit

Improve Your Dental Visit

Although finding a dental office is one of the biggest concerns Medicaid and uninsured patients have, improving wait time in a dental office has also been a concern. To help improve your wait time in a dental office, you could follow these few steps:

Express urgency: By emphasizing your urgency of care, some doctors may be able to get you in sooner.

Be prepared and thorough: Write down and email your new dentist all of your medical and dental history problems before your scheduled appointment. This will provide your new dentist with time to review your information, allowing for a shorter waiting period.

Get a transfer: Ask your previous dentist to transfer all of your dental records so the process of care from your new dentist can be more efficient.

Ask questions: Ask the receptionist about weekend or evening appointments. Many offices are trying to accommodate patients by working on the weekends or later in the evenings. You may also ask the receptionist to put you on the call back list if a sooner appointment opens up.

Show up: If you make a dental appointment be sure you are there 15 minutes ahead of time. Showing up late or missing an appointment will only make it harder for the receptionist to reschedule you another appointment.

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